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Yub nub...eee chop yub nub! Wermo! Tim Kha in Ewok Suit Fugu Tim
Learn to speak Ewokese!
"Circle of Trust" - some of my chucks photographed by Dk Depiction!
"From one of the first websites I ever made. It was about Puffer Fishes. Click if you dare! (It's a good example of "things NOT to do when building a website.)

Digital Art in Motion is up and running! Well, let's be honest here, I've had this domain for about 10 years now and have used the entity for a lot of freelance work, but here it sat, with nothing on it. I even included it in all of my quotes and invoices and when asked about it, I would shamefully reply, "well, it's being ravamped, so go to my personal website to look at some work."

Guess what? That personal website soon became out-dated too (and still is...gripes!). I fell into the trap of getting more work, but not making the time to update the two things that represented my work. I soon found myself making pitches to clients via email with long blurbs about how most of my stuff comes by my desk via past clients, word of mouth, blah blah blah...which is all true...but there always existed that inkling feeling of not being complete.

So here it is. In the chaos of the forever changing web world, overload of information, and vast amount of media we are all inundated with daily, I bring back the plain and the simple. I believe in the KISS method (Keep It Simple Silly, or the more vulgar term, Stupid) and hope that this website portrays that belief.

Tim Kha

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Hey, I'd love to leave this open for everyone to see, but I'm shy and my friends probably would be mad that you're staring at their picture. If you weren't given a login, friend me instead at Facebook, Linkedin, or Transformers World 2005.

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